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Long Islands Affordable Bespoke/Custom Home Brokerage!!


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Financing and Construction

The Bookers NY Homes has put together a financing program that allows our clients to put 3.5% down on their new home while taking out construction cost to build the home of their dreams!! our clients work with our architects, builders and broker to build their dream home at an affordable price point...our aim is to make affordable custom homes for hard working people that deserve a great place to call their sanctuary!!

Investment Sourcing & Wholesaling

The Bookers New York Homes has an ear to the street and eye on the community. With our great street team we are provided with the freshest distressed property leads available. Wheather you're an investor or first time homebuyer looking for a great deal we have what it takes to provide you with what youre searching for.

Affordable Bespoke Homes For First Time Home buyers

Our first time homebuyer program is 2nd to none!! We give our first time homebuyers the best deals available in their specified area while financing the construction of a "Fixer Upper" tailor made to them! We also provide title services to make the journey an exceptionally smooth one! Call us today for a pre-approval!!

About Us

Street Team

Join our street team and get paid well for your information! if you know of a homeowner that needs help let us know and we will partner up to assist in any way possible! Our goal is simple..Help all in need and do the best job that we know we're capable of!! Call to become a partner today!!


For the summer of 2017 our owner Kyle Booker did a "Corner Class" for residential real estate where he taught classes in real estate to the neighborhood...no commission, no checks just knowledge! He wants to be the change he believes in inside his community!

Introducing captain Save A Home

Our Sr. Broker / Owner Kyle Booker has dedicated himself to the communities he lives and works in!! With over 15 years in the business he has the knowledge and connections to SAVE YOUR HOME!! GIVE HIM A CALL TODAY!!

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